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·Iran expects nuclear deal by July 20   2014-07-16 10:08
·Spotlight: Israeli Gaza offensive continues amid ceasefire calls   2014-07-14 17:51
·DPRK fires some 100 shells into eastern waters from land border   2014-07-14 17:48
·Obama aware of spying on Merkel: German paper   2013-10-29 10:54
·Media, former defense chiefs blast Obama's Syria policy   2013-09-24 15:42
·Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood activities   2013-09-24 15:42
·20 killed, 53 wounded in bombing attacks in Iraq's capital   2013-09-24 15:42
·Iran takes over control of Bushehr nuclear power plant   2013-09-24 15:42
·Kenya in last-ditch effort to rescue hostages in mall attack   2013-09-24 14:55
·Brazilian president chides diplomat in Bolivian affair   2013-08-28 16:03
·Scientists detect magmatic water on Moon's surface   2013-08-28 16:03
·Five killed in small plane crash in western Germany   2013-08-28 16:03
·Lebanon warns Israel against attack on Hezbollah   2013-08-28 16:03
·Iran's parliament to sue U.S. over 1953 coup: TV   2013-08-28 16:03
·U.S. options aim not at regime change in Syria: officials   2013-08-28 11:43
·Kerry says Syria chemical weapons use "undeniable"   2013-08-27 13:07
·Seven bodies found in mass grave near Mexico City   2013-08-23 17:50
·Matter of time for UN action on Syria incident: UN chief   2013-08-23 17:50
·37 killed, 64 wounded in attacks across Iraq   2013-08-23 17:50
·Rockets fired from southern Lebanon into Israel, Israel hits Lebanese target in retaliation   2013-08-23 17:43
·UN team ready again to set out for chemical weapons in Syria   2013-08-01 16:43
·Royals 'waiting by telephone' for Kate's baby   2013-07-17 17:37
·Billionaire George Soros plans third wedding   2013-07-16 17:04
·U.S. diplomat urges Egyptians to hold dialogue   2013-07-16 17:04
·Spanish PM refuses to step down under pressure over scandal   2013-07-16 17:04
·Shells hit Damascus as Syrian troops gain more ground in Homs   2013-07-16 16:53
·Putin says Snowden to leave Russia when opportunity emerges   2013-07-16 16:19
·S.Korea confirms DPRK behind June 25 cyber attack   2013-07-16 16:19
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