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E-commerce Injects New Vitality to Urban Economy in Jiangdong   14-06-11 16:40

E-commerce platform is thriving, Minsheng E-commerce is coming up to the stage and Professional E-commerce Park is open… Riding on the tide of an emerging E-commerce, the modern service industry in Jiangdong courageously competes to compose a new page of the urban economic development. Since 2014, the seven major e-commerce platforms in the district have realized a total sale of 2 billion yuan which accounts for 40% of the annual objective. The entering rate of enterprises in E-Tao E-commerce Park has exceeded 50% with sales to go beyond 1 billion yuan.   

Facing the opportunities of new urbanization construction, Jiangdong District actively promotes the convergence of competitive industries such as e-commerce, shipping and finance and exhibitions; as well as promotes industrial transformation and explores a special and dynamic way to develop urban economy. Some pioneering e-commerce platforms as Intosino, Dingcang Tong, Chuanhuo Wang has launched their brands in the international market through years of cultivation. Meanwhile, Jiangdong District strengthens its force in promotion and application of e-commerce in the field of emerging service industry which leads to the prosperity of a group of latter-comers. The e-commerce platforms in the district present a clustered and stepped development. It is said that Qiuzhi Tong human resources service platform with over 70,000 corporate clients has been appointed by Zhejiang Province Human Resources and Social Security Bureau as its specified cooperative website; some websites such as Headwin, Zhelun Travel and Mynep focusing on market segments has been well-performed in relative fields. According to the current statistics, among e-commerce platforms in Jiangdong District, 5 of them have an annual trade volume over 100 million yuan and 11 of them over 10 million yuan. 

In recent years, professional markets and traditional commerce and trade industries are confronted with urgent demands for condition enhancement and industry upgrade. Jiangdong District actively promotes the transformation from traditional commerce and trade to e-commerce and builds a new mode of modern logistics. Numerous life-service retail e-commerce platforms, represented by one-stop home shopping platforms such as Hower, S•Party, Zuijiaju, have located in Jiangdong which not only help to boost consumption but also provide new choices for quality improvement.

Since this year, Jiangdong District has strengthened its force in planning and constructing e-commerce industrial parks and done well in aggregating resources to serve the development of e-commerce. The newly-opened E-Tao E-commerce Park will provide professional services for online retailers in Ningbo; an area in School of Marine Sciences, Ningbo University, after being reformed and upgraded, will be built into a special Internet industrial park. 

TITLE: E-commerce Injects New Vitality to Urban Economy in Jiangdong
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