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Ningbo-Central Eastern Europe Investment and Trade Fair held   14-06-11 16:42

Polish honey beer, tree sap of Lithuania, and pulp of Estonia etc. Ningbo people are not familiar with these foods that will come to China Ningbo - Central and Eastern European Countries Economic and cultural exchanges week. On June 8th, Ningbo held Investment and Trade Symposium with Poland, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, making food a shared business opportunity of Ningbo and the four countries in Eastern Europe.

Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries are vibrant with rapid development and good relations with China. Ningbo enjoys increasing trade with the four countries yearly with export as the main growth. This allows the CEE companies to see a huge market potential in Ningbo, China.

At Eastern European Countries’ Products Fair 2014, the manager of Yuyao’s largest local retailer, Jiajiafu Supermarket, will be stationed at the exhibition every day to find right products. "Imported foods have become a new growth point for supermarkets in recent years with sales increasing at 20%", said the manager Wu of the Food Department. Since currently imported foods on the market mainly come from Southeast Asia, the company has been looking for new sources of supply, which makes it a very good opportunity to negotiate directly with Central and Eastern European countries and companies.

Business representatives from Ningbo Ganglong Logistics were introducing company’s sales to a Lithuanian drinking water company, attracting three other Lithuanian business cards handed to the person in charge. "These companies make wine, fruit juice, baby food, who have taken a fancy to our cold chain logistics, hoping to find agents", said a representative of Ganglong Logistics.

"While it is my first time in China, I know that China has a huge market", said Joanna, a sales specialist of a Polish honey company. According to You Liangde, an official at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, which is headquartered in Shanghai and adjacent to Ningbo. More than 20 companies from Poland came to Ningbo to promote milk, meat, fruit, chocolate and other agricultural products and they also brought Polish specialty amber. 2014 was the first time the fair held in Ningbo, which was very successful. I hope we can meet again in Ningbo in 2015.

"Ningbo - CEEC Investment and Trade Fair provides a platform of exchanges and cooperation for Ningbo enterprises and those in the Central and Eastern European countries, whose business delegation is well prepared, we invited counterparts in accordance with the nature of each business to communicate with each other, making the fair going more smoothly ", said Gu Zhengwei, chairman of City Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

TITLE: Ningbo-Central Eastern Europe Investment and Trade Fair Held
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