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More than 14,000 overseas merchants expected to visit One Symposium, Three Fairs.   14-06-10 09:40

37 key investment projects are expected to be signed with a total investment over a hundred billion yuan.

Ten thousand foreign businessmen gathered at One Symposium, Three Fairs, or China Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium (CZITS), the 3rd China Marine Economy Investment Fair (CMEIF), Central and Eastern European Countries’ Products Fair 2014 (CEEC Fair) and 13th China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF). As of June 7th, the organizing committee of CZITS, CMEIF, CEEC Fair and CICGF invited 14,396 overseas merchants and 187 overseas groups from 65 countries and regions. During the exhibition, 12 foreign buyers and 1,040 domestic buyers had confirmed their purchases. This is learned from a press conference held yesterday.

At CZITS, the province will see 37 major projects signed on the spot, with a total investment over 150 billion yuan, involving new energy automotives, textile, electric power, logistics, biomedicine, marine chemicals, tourism, health care, retail and other industries. Among them are 20 foreign investment projects with a total investment of 17.83 billion US dollars, 3.39 billion US dollars of foreign capital utilization agreement and 17 domestically funded projects with a total investment of 55.45 billion yuan. Meanwhile, 6 negotiation activities and signing ceremonies will be held and The 2nd China Opening-up Forum will also take place. In addition, the region will hold Xizang Naqu Investment Promotion Meeting, Xinjiang Akesu Investment Promotion Meeting and project signing ceremony and the Counterpart Park Symposium.

CICGF has a total of 2,470 booths with family consumer goods as the core, and has an exhibition for imported goods and four exhibitions for exported goods, including consumer electronics, textile apparel, gifts and outdoor supplies, kitchen and cleaning supplies, attracting participants from more than 40 countries and more than 300 import businesses, more than 2,000 exhibiting companies from over 20 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions. Li & Fung Group, Lowe's Companies, Inc., Auchan, Taiwan Testrite Group and other buyers are expected to purchase.

CEEC Fair 2014, which is held for the first time, provides 200 booths. This morning, 180 companies from 16 Central and Eastern European countries will bring their specialty products, showing their present at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center.

It is reported that during the One Symposium, Three Fairs, Ningbo will host promotion fair of cultural projects, Marine Economy and Redevelopment and the Fortune Global 500 Private Enterprises Seminars and other 22 investment fairs.

TITLE: More than 14,000 overseas merchants expected to visit One Symposium, Three Fairs.
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