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Gov't spending regulation well implemented: gov't   13-08-09 16:38

BEIJING, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- The regulation proposed by Premier Li Keqiang on major measures to slash government spending has been implemented well and proven effective, the Chinese government said on Thursday.

However, violations have not been completely eliminated, according to the statement, which added that to meet people's demands and expectations, the State Council, China's cabinet, will work with relevant authorities to intensify supervision and earnestly probe problems in the implementation of the regulation.

The regulation, announced by Li at his press debut as premier in March, includes a halt to new government building construction and a reduction of spending on both government employees and the "three public consumptions" -- official receptions, vehicles and overseas trips.

"The regulation is a solemn promise the newly-installed government made to society as well as its concrete measures to advance the building of a clean government," the statement said.

It said that spending on government buildings has largely been contained.

Since March, local governments have issued their own rigid restraints on new government building construction, including stopping approvals for the construction, expansion, restoration and purchase of new government offices and training centers.

All new projects approved after the new government was installed must be stopped, while problems with projects approved prior to March should be promptly rectified, it said.

To expose and handle violations in a timely manner, some local authorities have set up inspection organs and formulated regulations on government information transparency as well as petitioning and reporting systems.

Moreover, central authorities have strengthened the fiscal management of funds used by central government departments for relevant purposes, carrying out strict audits, supervision and final accounting, to rein in spending on building maintenance.

In May, the General Office of the State Council organized a thorough inspection and published cases of violations in July, urging serious investigation and punishment, the government said.

TITLE: Gov't spending regulation well implemented: gov't
SOURCE Xjinhua  EDITOR 沈媛仪
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