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U.S. shoppers spend billions over Thanksgiving weekend   12-11-26 11:27

  WASHINGTON, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- A record 247 million U.S. shoppers visited stores and websites over Thanksgiving weekend, up from 226 million last year, according to an industry survey released on Sunday.

  Total spending reached an estimated 59.1 billion U.S. dollars over the "Black Friday weekend", including Thanksgiving Day and the following Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday, said the National Retail Federation (NRF) survey conducted by BIGinsight. The average holiday shopper spent 423 dollars this weekend.

  "From green beans to great deals, millions of Americans found time this Thanksgiving to make the most of retailers' promotions and enjoy a special family holiday," said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. The average holiday shopper spent 423 dollars this weekend, up from 398 dollars last year.

  The survey also found that only on Thanksgiving Day more than 35 million Americans visited retailers' stores and websites, up from 29 million last year, and on Black Friday 89 million consumers shopped on-line and in stores, up from 86 million last year.

  Holiday shoppers cannot wait for the shopping bonanza. The survey found 28.0 percent of shoppers were at the stores by midnight on Black Friday, compared to 24.4 percent last year. They also spent more of their budget on-line. The average person spent 172.42 dollars on-line, or roughly 40.7 percent of their total weekend spending, up from 37.8 percent last year.

  Among the four-day weekend, 27.0 percent of holiday shoppers said they shopped on-line on Thanksgiving Day, and 47.5 percent on Black Friday. "It's clear that consumers still recognize Black Friday as one of the biggest shopping days of the year, as they have for decades," said BIGinsight Consumer Insights Director Pam Goodfellow.

  The survey, conducted on Nov. 23 to 24, polled 4,005 consumers. It was estimated that 139.4 million unique U.S. adult consumers shopping in stores or on-line over multiple days.

  Thanksgiving weekend marks the beginning of the holiday season through December, when retailers keep customers excited with attractive promotions. The two-month retail sales account for nearly a quarter of the whole year revenue, said the NRF.

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