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Notice of Public Collection Of Ningbo City Logo   12-09-10 15:36


  To scientifically and systematically publicize Ningbo City image, widely spread Ningbo’s strategic target of building a modernized international port city, and emphasize Ningbo’s general image as “a city of culture and a gateway to the world”.


  Information Office of Ningbo Municipal Government

  3.Time of Collection

  From September 11 to 24:00, December 30, 2012 ( Postmark and system time of the e-mail will be taken as final. Works received after the deadline will not be accepted.)

  4.Specification of Works

  (1) Fully reflect Ningbo’s major image as “a city of culture and a gateway to the world”, and Ningbo’s spirit of being “honest, pragmatic, open and innovative”.

  Be expressive and appealing, beautiful and graceful in image, and concise in form.

  Accord with the standards for international communication, and should be easily accepted and understood by people of various cultural backgrounds.

  (2) Have distinct theme, unique originality, deep meaning, and strong visual impact.

  Should be easily recognized, memorized, publicized and suitable for a long-time broadcasting in various medias.

  (3) Should include drawing image, name and design notes.

  Can be a single design picture or a set of pictures.

  (4) Should be original, unpublicized in any form before, and with complete intellectual property rights.

  One candidate can submit multiple designs.

  (5) Should be in accordance with Chinese Law and social rules and customs, though not limited in style and types.

  (6) Brief introduction of candidate, ID number, contact information, address and design description within 500 words should also be provided.

  Those submitted by e-mail should be enclosed in JPG form.

  5. Submission

  (1) E-mail to and Note as “Ningbo Logo Collection/Candidate Name”.

  (2) Post to Office of Ningbo City  Logo Collection, Southeast Newspaper office, No.768 Ling Qiao Road, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China 315000 by registered mail, or submit to our office in person.

  6.Selection and Prizes

  (1) All works submitted will be judged by a team of experts, who will choose 120 fine works.

  (2) 10 works excel after a series of selection such as social discussion, public votes and expert re-examination (votes for reference only),etc., and each will be awarded 10,000 Yuan(before tax).

  (3) The one wins after the final appraisal of the 10 works will be awarded 200,000 Yuan(before tax) if it owns the complete intellectual property right.

  All Fine works with the candidates’ personal or organization information will be compiled in an album, which will be presented to the candidates later.


  (1) The organizer assumes no responsibility for any delay by post, loss, miss-post of the works. Priority should be given to the fore-sender if any similarity is found. The organizer is entitled to alter the design of the 10 finalist works and owns the complete copyrights and all relevant intellectual property rights.

  (2) All works submitted should not violate anybody’s legitimate right and interest. Otherwise, the candidates should bear the corresponding legal responsibility. The organizer has the right to demand compensation for any loss caused by any violation of this rule. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.

  8.Other Information

  (1) The organizer has the final decision of Ningbo City  Logo.

  (2) The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

  (3) For more information, please visit our official website.

  Address: Office of Ningbo City Logo Collection, Southeast Newspaper office, No.768 Ling Qiao Road, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

  Post Code:315000

  Hotline: 0086—574—87682576 0574—87182918

  Official Website:

  Office of Ningbo City  Logo Collection

  September 11, 2012

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