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Ningbo China 2012   12-09-05 14:53

  Ningbo China 2012

  I. Foreword

  Water makes a city delicate and dynamic.

  With water, the City of Ningbo has been developed.

  The name of the city means “calm wave”, which shows the close relationship between the city and the water.

  “Ningbo, a city of culture, and a gateway to the world”, this city motto also tells the story about Ningbo and water. Water keeps watch on Tianyi Pavilion, the oldest library in Asia. With deep water and calm wave, Ningbo Port has been listed among the top ten ports in the world.

  Overlooking the city from the sky, you can see that Yao River, Fenghua River and Yong River divide the city into several parts, and have fostered local people generation by generation. Yao River brings us Hemudu Neolithic Culture 7000 years ago and the love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yintai; Fenghua River comes from the county famous for Buddha Maitreya (Laughing Buddha) and tailors; The two rivers joint together in downtown of Ningbo and become Yong River, which is flowing into the sea and was the starting point of the “Silk Road on the Sea”. Those three rivers incubate prosperity of the city.

  The water in Ningbo emerges in various forms, from hot spring to water fall, from the lake to the sea, from the fountain street to the pond…They make Ningbo a city of great charm, a city not only being delicate and intelligential, but also have the daring to accept and to surmount.

  Understanding of Ningbo should start from your first touch of the water here.

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