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Jiangbei District strengthening "intelligence headquarters"   12-07-17 16:37

  The other day, "Instantaneous Internet Communication Technological Research Center" settled in Jiangbei District. This project, with its registered capital of two million US dollars and an area of 1,500 square meters, promises to have its sales reaching 10 million yuan in a year and in five year, it has the prospect of becoming an enterprise famous in China. According to a related department of the district, so far the district has 79 R&D enterprises, which are regarded "intelligence core" of the economy of the district.

  The metropolitan economy, featured for urban information flow, human resource flow, capital flow, product design and technological development, is an important part in the industrial transformation and upgrading of the district. After Jiangbei Investment and Business Center was chosen as strategically important area of Ningbo, the district released a plan for promote innovative industries: it sets funds for innovative and cooperative projects and innovative hi-tech enterprises, with the maximal subsidy to a technical innovation amounting to 2 million yuan. In addition, With innovated mortgage means, the district granted loans of 3.96 billion yuan to enterprises and annually, the district puts aside 3 million yuan as risk compensation fund.

  With the increasing supportive measures, several research institutes are quickening their step to settle in Jiangbei. It reported that Ningbo Branch of China Testing Technology Institute will come to Jiangbei. According to the plan, the Branch will be upgrade to the Zhejiang Branch of the Institute within half a year, and it will set up a work station for academicians, expanding its service to the Changjiang River Delta and having its income exceeding 30 million yuan within three years.

  In the meanwhile, The district is strengthening the cooperation with Zhejiang University, Sichuan University and Central China University of Technology. It has completed the establishment of Zhejiang University Jiangbei Innovation Platform and United Institute of Ningbo University. The Center has so far had 12 new and high technological projects settled in it. Jiangbei Investment and Business Center has organized a series of activities to promote the coordination of enterprises and institutions of higher learning. The enterprises in the center has established cooperative relation with over 500 experts from 50 research institutes and they have established over 30 engineering centers.

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