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Exports of lighters to Japan on the rise   12-05-11 16:37

  Since September, 2011, the adoption of the lighter CR regulation in Japan brought not a drop but a steady increase in Ningbo’s lighter export to Japan against the market trend. According to Ningbo Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine, 14 Ningbo enterprises have passed the test of Japan’s lighter CR regulation.
Japan is the second largest market of Ningbo’s lighter exports. In 2011, the volume of Ningbo’s export of lighters exceeded $ 50 million, accounting for over 17% of the Ningbo’s total export volume, only next to the largest market, EU. In September, 2011, Japan, the third largest market after America and EU, officially implemented the lighter CR regulation, which has put Ningbo’s lighter export to Japan under new and greater pressure.
The simplest way to add a CR device is to fix a safety lock on a lighter. Though the workmanship and structure of safety lock are not so complicated, the foreign countries stay one step ahead of China in terms of patents. There are nine kinds of safety locks, five kinds of which are commonly used, aiming at preventing the children from opening the lighter. The technologies employed in these safety locks are patented. Enterprises will undoubtedly increase product costs on a large scale and lose their competitive edge over rival counterparts with considerable expenses to purchase patents of other enterprises.
To build its independent core competitiveness, Ningbo Xinhai electrical company, in collaboration with Zhejiang University, established a research center. With its technological experiences accumulated in coping with EU CR regulation, Xinhai electrical company independently developed many kinds of devices preventing the children from opening the lighter, such as back-pushing device. What’s more, Xinhai awarded more than 10 patents with its technology at the international leading level, completely meeting all the requirements of Japan lighter CR regulation. The lighter made by Xinhai has passed Japan’s stationery security test. Just as Xinhai, Ningbo’s 14 lighter businesses like the Great Wall Electronic Company, the Eastern Sea Electronic have achieved a real breakthrough in technology, and passed the test and obtained the necessary qualifications to export to Japan.
According to the NBIQ (Ningbo Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine), Ningbo has made the new breakthrough in the lighter exports to Japan. In this year’s first quarter, the volume of Ningbo’s lighter exports to Japan stood at over $13 million, with an year-on-year increase of 130%. The Japanese market has become the new growth engine for Ningbo’s lighter businesses.

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