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44 cooperative projects signed at Ningbo Week, Shanghai 2012   12-05-11 16:35

  On the afternoon of May 7, the highlight of Ningbo Week, Shanghai 2012 “the Ningbo Shanghai Investment Cooperation Promotion Project Signing Ceremony was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center.

  Liu Qi, Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, said in his speech that Ningbo and Shanghai are closely connected in terms of geography, people, culture and economy. Deepening exchanges and cooperation with Shanghai is an important approach to fully implement the “Getting Stronger” strategy of Ningbo, to actively participate in the "two Centers” building of Shanghai and to promote the scientific development and economic restructuring of Ningbo. Besides, the Ningbo Week Shanghai 2012 is aimed to increase investment and cooperation between the two cities, and to establish a new mechanism of bilateral cooperation and a win-win situation.

  Liu Qi said Ningbo will rely on the advantages of Shanghai for capital, information, personnel, market to improve its innovation mechanism and environment, actively attracting outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region to invest in Ningbo, striving to achieve mutual benefits, synergy and mutual development. He hoped that Ningbo and Shanghai would further deepen and prolong the intercity kinship, establishing a more stable, more efficient strategic partnership, strengthening a multi-layered and wide-ranging cooperation and exchanges in all aspects between the two cities.
It is reported that 44 investment cooperation projects were signed at the investment and cooperation promotion conference, with a total investment of 16.9 billion yuan, involving advanced manufacturing, modern logistics, modern service industry, Urban Complex Development, smart industry and other fields, among which Ningbo introduced 42 projects, involving15.24 billion yuan of capital.
During the promotion meeting, seven major investment and cooperation projects were signed, with negotiated total investment amounting to 6.8 billion yuan, including the East China Materials Trading Park project in Zhenhai, Ningbo, invested by the Fuchun Holdings Group, smart industrial park project by SoSino, the stampings project with an annual capacity of 10 million frequency of stroke by Shanghai Yi Feng Automobile Mold group, Fu Fuyueli Robot production projects invested by Fuyueli Robot Intelligent Engineering Group.

  During the conference, Ningbo City, Dongqian Lake Resort and Sanmen Bay of Ninghai County promoted their investment environment. Zhou Yupeng, president of Shanghai Modern Services Federation, former deputy director of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Zhuang Xiaotian, president of Shanghai Ningbo Chamber of Commerce, former vice mayor of Shanghai, Chen Zhengxing, president of Ningbo Economy Promotion Association of Shanghai and former vice chairman of Shanghai CPPCC, Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal Government attended the conference. Chen Yijun, vice mayor of Ningbo, chaired the meeting.

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