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Ningbo initiates the 3315 Program   11-06-03 16:40

  To introduce overseas talents and to speed up the economic transformation, the city government decided recently to implement the 3315 Program, aiming to introduce high-ranking officials from overseas.

  According to the program, since 2011 Ningbo is to introduce a number of high-ranking talents from abroad, including 30 people that are to be listed in the Qianren Program, 300 people that are to be listed in the provincial talent introduction program, and 1000 to be listed in the city’s plan. The city plans to have 10000 talents of innovative and entrepreneurial sprit by 2020.

  Those eligible must have some learning experience overseas. They must be holders of masters degrees or above, under the age of 55. Those to be introduced must be able to work in Ningbo for at least six months per year. Four types of talents will be prioritized: those with IPR, research projects, funds to set up high-tech business or cooperative projects with Ningbo, those assuming jobs in international corporations, high-end service industry and finance sector for more than two years; those expert in international practices of some related fields; those assuming senior posts in overseas research institutes and universities, those engaged in keg research projects, key technological research or emerging industries; research teams in frontier areas, and other talents badly needed by the city.

  Those to be introduced as talents of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit will be able to enjoy preferences in six aspects: they will get a lump sum of one million yuan; for those members of an excellent work team, each will get a sum of 200,000 yuan, with the ceiling of one million yuan for the whole team; for those particularly fine work teams, the financial support will be even greater. The research projects of these teams can have the priority of applying for state or provincial projects; all those introduced will be provided with housing. Their spouses will be provided jobs or subsistence allowances, etc.

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