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World Cup Tour Fetches Record Price   10-03-16 14:52

  With the football World Cup around the corner, travel agencies in China have launched a series of theme tours to South Africa, with the highest price hitting 279,000 yuan, about 40,870 U.S. dollars.

  An article in the Guangzhou-based newspaper New Express reported a ten-member VIP tour to South Africa, the host nation of the 2010 World Cup, has fetched a record price in the local tourism market.

  The 270,000-yuan-plus tour will be twice as expensive as a joint trip to the Arctic and Antarctica.

  The eight-day visit covers the world football extravaganza'a opening ceremony and opening match, which will be played between host South Africa and Mexico.

  Tourists will enjoy high-level service, including VIP boxes and free catering from the five-star World Cup Hotel.

  In addition to football matches, visitors will also see scenic spots in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

  The report says, a theme tour to South Africa during the World Cup costs 30,000 yuan, about 4,400 U.S. dollars, nearly double a normal trip during tourist season. claims the copyright of all material and information produced originally by our staff. All rights reserved. Reproduction of text for non-commercial purposes only is permitted provided that both the source and author are acknowledged and a notifying emailis sent to us.

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