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Economic Working Conference Held   08-12-31 16:15

  The All-Ningbo Economic Working Conference was held on Dec. 29. The gist of the Central Government on economy was studied, the economic work in 2008 was summarized and the economic plan for the New Year was made at the meeting.

  It was stressed at the meeting that competent departments and cadres need to realize the urgency to boost the economic development so as to achieve a sound and fast development momentum.

  City officials present included Bayin Chaolu, Mao Guanglie, Guo Zhengwei, Wang Zhouhui, Chen Xin, etc. Party Secretary of CPC Ningbo Committee and Mayor Mao Guanglie addressed the meeting.

  Bayin Chaolu highlighted five aspects of work for the New Year: 1) Make more investments to boost consumption and optimize consumption structure; 2) Focus on restructuring, upgrading and transformation of economic development mode; 3) Make overall plans and promote integrated development of agriculture, industry, as well as the integrated development of urban and rural areas; 4) Keep reform and opening up and innovate on governance, banking services, and corporate reform; 5) Keep improving people’s livelihood and try to address heated issues concerning people’s interests.

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