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Five Measures Promote Local Tourism   08-12-16 08:53

  The Beilun Tourism Bureau has adopted 5 measures to promote tourism during the difficult time of international financial crisis.

  The first is to strike “model routes” characterized with sea food, exhibitions, sea culture, harbor culture, life-in-the-country-side, and Buddhist culture.

  The second is to pay much attention to the existed brands and let them play a more positive role to help the nearby areas.

  The third is more efforts in marketing. By hosting a series of festivals such as the harbor festival, the wave-seeing festival, the local spots may attract and entertain more guests.

  The fourth is to give more help to tourism. By making favorable policies, cutting down the tariffs and taxes, and providing more financial supports, the local tourism bureau has done much to solve the problems that hinder the development of the local tourism.

  The fifth is to cooperate with other areas. By cooperating with Shanghai, who is the host city of the World Expo in the near future, Beilun can get more opportunities to develop its own industry.

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