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Old Bund Culture &Tourism Festival Held   08-10-19 16:25

  Last Friday, the 2008 Ningbo Laowaitan (Old Bund) Culture and Tourism Festival was held on the square of the Art Museum. On the spot there were body painting show, body sculpture show, COSPLAY show.

  The body painting show is put on. Interestingly, the artist paints a face on the belly of the fellow. Look at this golden figure. He keeps motionless and looks like a sculpture. But occasionally he blinks his eyes, showing that it is a real man. The sculpture performers are all student volunteers.

  In addition to the body painting and body sculpture there is a huge abstract painting hung on so that people can doodle on it freely. The imaginations combine into an artwork. The organizer tells us that the culture and tourism festival is aimed to make better known the brand of the old bund. Other activities include an art show named Customs in Jiangbei, a film show in the open air, touring Jiangbei by thousands, Cicheng DIY show, etc.

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