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Ningbo Culture   08-10-07 15:50

  This is the birthplace of the first light of the 7,000-year-old Chinese Civilization and Hemudu Neolithic Culture. This is the place where China’s existing oldest private library is located. This is the place where the Legend of Butterfly Lovers, cloth dragon of Fenghua City, Pingdiao Opera of Ninghai County and cinnabar and gold lacquer wood carving have been listed in China’s first batch of Intangible Cultural Heritage Catalog. This the Key Place of the East Zhejiang School in Ming and Qing Dynasties in China’s history of thought. This is in the forefront of modern China’s Westernization Movement Reform after the Opium War and the foreland where western and Chinese Cultures combine.

  We usually say that a country thrives with the efforts by its people, and a city becomes famous because of its culture. Today, on this land with long history of culture and prosperous economy, the building of a city which attaches great importance to culture has been started. The rich and wonderful culture fully demonstrates that Ningbo is a famous historical and cultural city.

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