Ningbo, My Beloved

--- Fu Yan

When the sun is rising in the east

I always want to tell you

On the coast of the East China Sea

There is a brilliant picture

Across the vast expanse of the sea

Rainbow is flying over

Among the billowy waves

Seagulls are playing

Beautiful sea

Broad chest

Oriental commercial city

That is my beloved hometown

Playing the bone flute at Hemudu

Viewing the great historical changes in Tianyi Pavilion

Experiencing hundreds years of history by the sea

With its businessmen developing all over the world

Beautiful port city

My beloved Ningbo

A place we are charmed

Independent innovation activates the vigor of private enterprises
  The gist of the Central Government on economy was studied, the economic work in 2008 was summarized and the economic plan for the New Year was made at the meeting.……[Full text]
  The city of Ningbo has drawn up 12 measures lately to better cope with the ongoing international financial crisis.……[Full text]
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Beilun Port Carnival Month Opens
300,000T Ship into NB-Zhoushan Port
NB-HK Economic Forum Opens
Hong Kong Jewelry Festival to Open
Glories of Ningbo

- One of the 14 coastal cities further opening to the outside world in the Chinese Mainland

- Pilot City for comprehensive reform in China

- Separate Planning City which enjoys the same rights as a province in local economic management

- National Famous City for Historical Culture

- One of the first Socially Developed Cities in China

- China Top Tourism City

- National Model City of Environmental Protection

- National Garden City

- The City with the cleanest environment in China

- The City with its citizens having the strongest sense of happiness in China

- One of the Top 10 Cities in China for Comprehensive Competitiveness

- The City of Famous Brands in China

- One of the Top 10 Cities in China for Conference and Exhibition

- National Model City of Reemployment

- The City with most favorable residential conditions in China in 2006